Nov 03, 2020 07:00 (UTC)

Watch the Livestream of Newbie CM Olvera Play the Game

[b]**Due to technical difficulties, we will be starting the stream at 15:30(PST)**[/b]


Special Live Streaming for Steam CBT!

CM Marco & CM Olvera is coming on November 4 (Wed).
Preview of Steam CBT & Countdown with them!

Are you curious about these popular community managers?
Don't miss the streaming!


■ Schedule

  • 11/04 15:00 (PST)
  • 11/04 23:00 (UTC)
  • 11/05 00:00 (CET)


■ How to Join


P.S Post your review of the livestream in our Discord / Steam Community!
We will strive to bring more exciting content based on your reviews.

We look forward to seeing you at the livestream.
Thank you.

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